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  • $5.53

    by Chris Raschaka Daisy is a puppy who loves her ball. She loves playing with it and when one day her owner takes her to the park, the ball comes along. A playful romp with another dog turns disastrous when Daisy's ball pops and she is heartbroken. Hardcover Balance Book

  • $4.55

    by Chris Raschka Learning to ride a bike is one of the most important milestones of childhood, and no one captures the emotional ups and downs of the experience better than Chris Raschka. Hardcover Balance Book

  • $3.90

    by Jessica Speart One of the world's most beautiful endangered species, butterflies are as lucrative as gorillas, pandas, and rhinos on the black market.  Hardcover Balance Book

  • $3.25

    by Brendan Dubois For years UN peacekeepers have been deployed to war-torn regions of the world from Rwanda to Serbia and Congo to East Timor. Now it's America's turn. Hardcover Balance Books

  • $3.90

    by James Rollins Life always finds a way. . . . Hardcover Balance Book

  • $3.25

    by Eric Jerome Dickey James Thicke is a man whose mysterious past runs as deep as his violent streak. Paperback Balance Books  

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