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  • $3.90

    by Kate Egan Experience the making of the Divergent movie in this lush, oversize volume featuring more than a hundred and fifty full-color photos from the film, including many that have never been seen before.  Paperback Balance Books

  • $3.25

    by Brendan Dubois For years UN peacekeepers have been deployed to war-torn regions of the world from Rwanda to Serbia and Congo to East Timor. Now it's America's turn. Hardcover Balance Books

  • $2.80

    by Sigal Ratner-Arias ¿Cómo saber si uno ha empezado a vivir el último año de su vida? Paperback Balance Book

  • $3.90

    by James Rollins Life always finds a way. . . . Hardcover Balance Book

  • $4.55

    by Ted Dekker El psicólogo de conducta del FBI, Daniel Clark, no sabe que su persecución obsesiva de un asesino en serie conocido solo como "Eva" terminara en su propia muerte en manos de Eva.  Hardcover Balance Book

  • $3.25

    by Eric Jerome Dickey James Thicke is a man whose mysterious past runs as deep as his violent streak. Paperback Balance Books  

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